The Best Summer Trends to Wear Right Now, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Reach for a mesh version or a cut-up old football jersey that are reclaimed and recycled, this way, you'll nail that laid-back athletic, chill vibe while still having fun under the summer sun.


the Bull too embrace '80s glam, including shoulder pads, sequins, and lace, which will ensure Taurus looks divine from now through September.


Either option will work well for Gemini, who will find resolve knowing that both sides of their personality are represented in their clothing choices.


who will update the classic '90s look by choosing vibrant, bright colors instead of basic hues, or at the very least, incorporate some texture.


Plus, odds are, the fearless and rambunctious Leo won't hold back from animal print attire, either, along with pleather and bustiers.


Virgo will layer on different colors and fabrics with this statement piece, and since it'll allow them to play by their own rules and express their personal style, it'll quickly turn it into favorite summertime staple.


the perfect summer trend to try this year. Not only is the new wave style is totally reminiscent of Blondie, it will remind Libra to find their equilibrium — even if it pushes them outside their comfort zone.


Cutout dresses or jumpsuits a seductive way for Scorpio to flaunt their boldness and hotness this season. From outdoor activities to hosting a fun happy hour with friends, this look will work for it all.


The archer won't shy away from sheer clothing, and might even find it refreshing to wear these pieces while wildly running around (like the free birds they are) on summer's warmer days.


they'll likely find themselves longing to splash around in sailor-like clothes. For this reason, they'll get great use out of a Breton striped shirt, a timeless piece that can stay in their closet for years to come.


These designs allow Aquarius to express and embrace their unique personality, and opting for neon colorways will help them stand out in the crowd.


. It's all about the long floral skirts and pearl chokers, which will help this sign to feel as if they're acting out a scene from Downton Abbey and Bridgerton.