How to Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers



With an Aries partner, honesty is key. Be direct and efficient in a breakup, as they prefer clarity. They may react quickly and move on faster than anticipated.


Breaking up with a Taurus? Be firm but gentle. Assure them you still care and offer support. Address relationship issues and emphasize their value in your life.


Breaking up with a Gemini? Be clear about grievances and open to communication. Set boundaries for staying friends. Prepare for their questions and express what you learned from the relationship.


Breaking up with a Cancer? Recognize their emotional struggle. Maintain normalcy and offer support. Expect dramatics, like a Titanic-style breakup, but assure them you'll be there.


Breaking up with a Leo? Use the "it's not you, it's me" approach. Apologize for hurting them and emphasize their specialness. Brace for drama and avoid suggesting friendship.


Breaking up with a Virgo? Be clear and provide evidence for a data-driven discussion. Avoid being harsh as their words can sting back. Handle the breakup with sensitivity.


Breaking up with a Libra? Validate their individuality and emphasize your need for autonomy. Let shortcomings be known early to avoid a jarring breakup. Handle with care and understanding.


Breaking up with a Scorpio? Expect variable reactions. Be compassionate and sensitive, even if they respond with anger. Approach with kindness and vulnerability. For meme-worthy Scorpios, block their number after ending things.


Breaking up with a Sagittarius? Be blunt and honest. Express gratitude for the relationship and share a meaningful memory. Don't expect friendship afterward. Handle with directness and appreciation.


Breaking up with a Capricorn? Be detailed and calm about reasons. Show tenderness and care. Allow time to process. Expect motivation to work harder.


Breaking up with an Aquarius? Be quick, clear, and honest. Acknowledge their individuality and quirks. Discuss staying friendly and work out compromises for post-breakup interactions.


Breaking up with a Pisces? Keep it simple and sweet. Acknowledge their sacrifices and spiritual growth. Avoid criticism. Be clear that it's truly over to avoid false hope. Handle with sensitivity and compassion.