How to Dress Like a Taurus, According to an Astrologer

To give your Taurian spirit the elevated, but comfortable gingham it craves, try a smocked summer dress with a midi or maxi hemline.

Go with Gingham

If you have a major Taurus placement and can't decide how to work in these signature colors, Stardust suggests letting your intuition guide you.

Wear Signature Taurus Shades

When it comes to working ruffles like a Taurean, opt for elevated silhouettes, sweeping skirts, and dreamy details.

Embrace Elevated Ruffles

When it comes to accessorizing, Stardust characterizes Tauruses as being both decadent and in touch with nature.

Crown Yourself with Flowers

To soothe a Taurus's more practical and functional sensibilities, we recommend pairing your slinkiest slip dress with a pair of ultra-comfy combat boots.

Play Up Hard and Soft

Lace dresses, especially black lace dresses are very Taurian. When it comes to the exact styling, confidence is key

Embrace Black Lace

A flowing maxi dress is an easy breezy canvas on which to explore other Taurean favorite fashion elements, like vibrant prints, bold patterns, florals, or the signature Taurus shades of pink and green.

Go with the Flow

Rather, she suggests appliqué florals for this sensual sign. The vibe isn't girlish, but, in Stardust's words, "Bohemian sexpot."

Try Floral Appliques

I always thought Vivienne Westwood was very Taurus," Stardust shares while musing about Taurean-minded designers. "She had this dress called the Sunday Dress.

Slip into Sultry Silhouettes

says Stardust, noting that Taureses are known for taking silhouettes hat could read matronly and adding a layer of sultry sophistication.

Layer Sheer Separates