Mercury Retrograde In Gemini Is Coming to Shake Up Your Social Life

messenger Mercury will move backward through your third house of communication, which could make this particular phase of the transit like a retrograde on steroids.


You could be going back to the drawing board to perfect a project  or rethinking how you want to tackle your work in a bigger picture sense


Being that it's also your ruler, you might feel a bit slowed-down and off-track, especially in terms of making headway on personal aspirations.


which could have you feeling super-sleepy and potentially a bit unmotivated. You'll be craving more time by yourself and more introspection.


you'll likely be revisiting team projects that were previously put on hold or require polishing up.


You might find this a particularly beneficial time to gather information, brush up an old business plan, or talk through big picture ideas with friends and colleagues. At the same time


You might feel like you need to reprioritize eye-opening experiences like travel or you want to brush up on your skillset so that you can be positioned to advance your career.


Although getting swept backward is somewhat inevitable now, you can take advantage of this moment by reframing and healing the past. Working closely with a trusted confidant


Who do you want to pair up with, what will that ideally look like, and what compromises need to be made so that you're both able to feel like your needs are being met


which could make it a bit tougher for you to plow ahead like you usually do in your day-to-day. Delays and miscommunications could strike


which could make this a wonderful moment to go back to a creative project you previously put on hold. However, it also means you're a prime target for texts from exes or drama from the past.


you might want to tend to any long-held emotional concerns that you've been brushing under the rug for a while now. Although you might tend to opt for escapism over facing the reality of the matter