The 12 Best Taurus Season Nail Polishes for Each Zodiac Sign

Wearing a sophisticated shade of light pink on their nails throughout their birthday month is sure to bring the bull love, romance, abundance, and joy in the upcoming months ahead.


Gemini needs more grounding energy in their lives, which is why they'll flock towards wearing soft green on their nails this month.


This lovely shade will keep the crab's dreams, goals, and hopes alive throughout the weeks ahead.


Taurus season will bring fun times to Leo, who's been working overtime lately. Therefore, wearing a cool nail polish that reflects their party animal sentiments is going to boost the positive vibes of the lion.


This means choosing a nail polish hue, like this beautiful shade of gray, that accompanies them as they grow and evolve this month.


As such, they should balance out the energy with a dark blue nail polish to help them embrace their inner power as they transcend toward understanding themselves on a soulful, deeper, and more spiritual level.


This muted color will allow them to find their core centers, giving them the opportunity to approach life with a kinder, loving, generous, and compassionate attitude.


A bright shade will get them out of bed on time, awaken their energy, and strengthen their spirit — all of which could use a fresh nail polish shade.


Plus, wearing this color on their nails will inspire them to take more risks in all areas of life and to step out of their rigidness.


Wearing a dark purple and glittery nail polish gives them a chance to find the divine inspiration they're longing for. As a result, they'll find a higher sense of self and purpose.


A bright pink pearlescent nail polish will help Pisces find the right words and get them to speak from the heart, which is what they're longing to do.


Aries is wanting to take a step back out of the limelight and focus on their own needs. An electric blue will give them the drive they desire and the spiritual energy to focus on making their lives better.