The Appetizer That Matches Your Zodiac Sign’s

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"Aries love spice and new experiences. They'll choose the spiciest dish, like spicy kimchi pancakes, to satisfy their adventurous nature."


"Taureans embrace opulence, with caviar being a symbol of luxury. They find ways to incorporate it into their everyday lives."


"Gemini enjoys shareable tapas that please everyone, avoiding tensions within the group. It's the perfect treat for the sociable air sign."


"Cancer smiles with comfort food like mozzarella sticks shared with besties. They prefer a feel-good meal ordered in as homebodies."


"Leos choose Instagrammable mini blinis, even adding caviar on top. They indulge in treating themselves, making it 'gram-worthy."


"Organized Virgos choose classy crustless tea sandwiches, reflecting their put-together nature. It appeals to their sense of perfection and tidiness."


"Libras seek aesthetics and choose an assorted cheese board for the perfect photo op. It promotes harmony as everyone finds something to enjoy."


"Water sign Scorpios are drawn to oysters, as they are found under the sea and considered an aphrodisiac. They embrace passion and mystery."


"Sagittarians, driven by adventure, opt for escargot, an international hors d'oeuvre. It appeals to their love for travel and bravery."


"Pragmatic Capricorns choose a charcuterie board for value. With a variety of meats, cheeses, and fruits, they get a little of everything."


"Aquarius loves innovative bites, like foam appetizers. Gastronomic dishes with offbeat pairings, such as scallops with ham and parsley, appeal to them."


"Pisces, appreciating artistry, pre-game with creative and artisanal edibles like THC-infused blueberry tarts or ice cream."