The Best Hairstyle For Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Busy Aries needs low-maintenance hair. Try the lob (long bob). It works straight or curly and looks great tousled. - Dettmann, astrologer.


Taurus: Embrace your sensual side with long waves. It reflects luxury and comfort. Wear wavy for attention, clip it up at home. - Dettmann & Getts, astrologers.


Gemini: Embrace your ever-changing nature with fun, versatile hairstyles. Cute bobs and asymmetrical cuts suit your playful style. - Getts & Dettmann, astrologers.


Cancer: Embrace simplicity with a top knot. It reflects your homebody tendencies and provides comfort and security. - Getts, astrologer.


Leo: Make a big entrance with voluminous hair. Blow-dry, enhance waves, or add height to curls. The bigger, the more Leo energy you'll radiate. - Dettmann, astrologer.


Virgo: Embrace practicality with a low-maintenance pixie cut. Reflect your daring and trend-conscious nature. Not afraid of change. - Getts & Dettmann, astrologers.


Libra: Embrace balance and beauty with intricate braids. Reflect your love for aesthetics. Try loose, tousled, twists, fishtail, or box braids. - Getts & Dettmann, astrologers.


Embrace your dark and mysterious nature with powerful hairstyles. Try sheering ends or straight-cut bangs. Sleek and straight reflects intensity and control. - Getts, astrologer.


Sagittarius: Embrace your adventurous side with an edgy modern mullet. Rock the Miley-style vibe. Tutorials available for DIY. - Bristol, astrologer.


Capricorn: Stick to a clean, simple sleek bob. Reflects practicality and ambition. Once confident, you'll stick with it. - Dettmann & Getts, astrologers.


Embrace eccentricity with bold hairstyles. Try slicked-back wet look, funky updos, or unconventional hair colors. Reflect your unique, forward-thinking style. - Dettmann & Getts, astrologers.


Pisces: Embrace a playful, flowing hairstyle. Opt for loose waves that reflect your dreamy, intuitive nature. Twist leggings for curls. - Dettmann & Getts, astrologers.