The Body Parts Ruled By Each Zodiac Sign

Lined Circle

Aries Head and Eyes

Aries: Headstrong, impulsive fire sign ruled by the head. Exercise and release stress to curb emotions. Headaches signal stress.

Taurus Neck And Shoulders

Taurus: Stress affects posture and causes neck pain. Pamper yourself with massages and comforting activities for relief and regaining composure.

Gemini Throat, Lungs, Breath

Gemini: Socially intelligent and talkative. Throat, lungs, vocal cords, and hands ruled by Gemini. Anxiety affects thoughts and nervous system.

Cancer Chest, Breasts And Stomach

Cancer: Nurturing and nurturing desires. Rules over chest, breasts, stomach. Self-care important to avoid frustration and chest pain. Joy brings butterflies in the stomach.

Leo Heart, Upper Back 

Leo: Rules over heart, upper back, and spine. Open heart brings joy, while stress can cause back and posture issues. Express love, create art, follow heart's desires for healing.

Virgo Abdomen, Digestive System

Stress affects stomach, causing sensitivity and discomfort. Organized self-care and routine restore balance. Quieted stomach indicates return to normalcy.

Libra Kidneys, Lower Back

Back pain from overworking. Rules over kidneys, lower back, butt, and skin. Care for skin and embrace beauty to feel balanced and confident.

Scorpio Reproductive System

Rules over reproductive system and pleasure. Orgasm relieves stress. Protective nature reflected in ruling over hips for childbearing.

Sagittarius Thighs, Legs And Liver

Adventurous and free-spirited. Rules over thighs, legs, and liver. Travel brings joy. Hydration flushes toxins, restores balance.

Capricorn es, Joints, Skeletal System

Capricorn: Ruled by Saturn, governs skeletal system, bones, joints, and teeth. Knees signal need for rest. Dental care for radiant smiles.

Aquarius Shins, Calves, Ankles

Independent and pushing boundaries. Rules over shins, calves, ankles, and circulatory system. Persistence can lead to breathlessness.

Pisces Lymphatic System

Rules over feet and lymphatic system. Stress affects feet and lymphatic flow. Grounding on grass and facial gua sha aid in mood and drainage.