The Color You Should Be Wearing Based on Your Zodiac Sign



Maria Hayes, astrologer and founder of Trusted Astrology, explains that this "energetic, active, and brilliant sign wears red to enhance these traits."


But Hayes says a pine green shade "will not only help calm their minds and souls down but also help them move towards growth and development.


If you're friends with a Gemini, you know how outgoing and fun they are. Because of their cheery and sunny nature, yellow is their go-to color.

Sky Blue

Hayes says this sweet and sensitive sign is known as the ultimate homebody of the zodiac, so "their calming presence would always be amplified if they're in the color blue.


Leos are the bold and regal showmen of the zodiac, so they're always looking to make a statement," explains celebrity astrologer and lifestyle writer Lauren Ash.


The perfectionists of the zodiac can be quite intense and sometimes intimidate people around them. But Berry says wearing gray or silver can calm them down.

Light Pink

Libras strive for balance and long to feel comfortable in any situation. Because of that, their power clothing color is a muted, mellow pink.


Complex, intense, and mysterious—is it any surprise that Scorpio's traits translate into black? "Because of their penchant for darkness and secrets


The adventurers of the zodiac are always on the move, exploring a new country, trying a new hobby, or meeting new people.

Navy Blue

Capricorns are serious, business-minded people, so they thrive in colors that speak to their professionalism. Hayes recommends navy blue because it's


Aquarians are big thinkers who care deeply about social causes and often want to inspire others, and aqua can aid these messages, explains Berry.


Pisces are known for their playful and colorful personalities. They turn any situation into a positive, making them some of the best friends you can find in the zodiac," says Ash.