The Exact Nail Polish Each Zodiac Sign Should Use During Pisces Season

Since this is the color of regalness, it’s great to wear on a first date to show that you demand respect, kindness, and TLC at all times.


It’s been a long winter, so adorning your nails with a soft peach is going to serve as motivation to set your sparky goals into action.


Romance is in the air, Taurus. All the more reason for you to adorn your nails with a whimsical pink nail polish to bring love into your life.


This magical nail polish will help ground your energy, especially since your mind will be racing a million miles per minute during Pisces season.


A luminous nail polish with soft speckles is the lush look that you’ve been longing for. Wear this color to draw attention to your pincers, which dictate your innermost sentiments.


After all, you deserve to get the attention you crave — even if you’re still in hibernation mode from the current winter season.


Plus, this color will bring harmony to the relationship you have with your significant other.


This shade of taupe will remind you not to invite drama into your orb and to remain centered throughout the upcoming weeks.


Allow your artistry to shine bright this month. Wear gold nail polish to fire up your inner passions and creative nature — it'll benefit your well-being.


A teal blue color will make your sixth sense more powerful and allow you to see matters from a different perspective.


Change is coming your way, which is why you have to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the fresh start that’s coming your way.


Your desire for unique nail polish speaks to your need to stay above the fringe and satisfy your artistic soul.