The Best Fashion Trends to Wear for Spring 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are known for their fiery temperament. Therefore, the ram should opt to wear neon any chance they get to show off their passionate nature.


It’s been a long winter, so adorning your nails with a soft peach is going to serve as motivation to set your sparky goals into action.


who is also skilled enough to alter any old outfit into something modern, sleek, sustainable, and right in line with 2023's top trends.


There is no doubt that nostalgic Cancer will love wearing a bright print that reminds them of their childhood this summer.


These kittens are no shrinking violets. In a world full of plaid, Leos prefer bold prints that truly make a statement, so naturally, animal print will be the go-to look this spring.


Crochet will allow them to embrace their hippie vibes that they seldomly let outsiders see, but lies deep within their spirit.


Not only will it exude sweetness, but this bomber jacket has a rough, cool biker element that won't leave you with a toothache.


The intense water sign never settles for anything that is simple and is known to push things to the ultimate level, getting deep in all matters — which is exactly why latex and pleather suit their energy.


Therefore, it's only natural that the archer would choose to wear avant-garde fringe pants or a 1920s style dress that speaks to their sparky spirit.


also flirty enough for going out on a date or to happy hour with friends. It'll be their practical-yet-cute look of choice, perfect for putting on when they have plans that occur from 5 o'clock to midnight.


Innovative and unique are words that describe Aquarius, which makes them apt to wear one-of-a-kind pieces and fabrics that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.


Pisces are known for their romantic and dreamy sentiments, which is why they will flip at the chance to wear a puff-sleeve dress with a high waist.