The Hat You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



Aries are the leaders of the zodiac, usually having a very active and on-the-go lifestyle. Nobody can compete with your level of dedication and drive.

Cloche Hat

A cloche hat will help elevate your looks but not distract from them. Hallmarked by their bell-like shape that fits snuggly against the head and frames the face

Breton Hat

You stay abreast of what's trending and often make bold and daring choices in the name of trying something new.

Sun Hat

Charming and cheerful, Cancers always know how to brighten the mood. People are drawn to your down-to-earth vibes, and you reflect that back in your personal style.

Rhinestone Cowboy Hat

Leos are vibrant, outgoing, and always looking to have a good time. You have a hilarious personality and a uniquely creative side, which is why you always find yourself as the center of attention.

Statement Headband

Virgos have incredibly high standards and taste levels. It takes a lot to impress you, and you're not likely to be swayed by popular opinion.


And as somewhat of a self-proclaimed fashionista who's also ruled by sensual Venus, you're drawn to soft, sweet, and indulgent aesthetics that feel luxurious and dreamy.


Scorpios are passionate and intense, which is reflected in your style. Trends aren't your thing; you'd rather experiment until you find that one piece that complements your personality.

Trapper Hat

Sagittarius lives life on the edge. Others may have a five-year plan, but you like to keep your options open. You're no stranger to stepping outside your comfort zone

Baseball Hat

In much of your life, from your relationships to what you spend your money on, you prefer understated quality over pomp and circumstance.


Aquarius is the eccentric, free-spirited zodiac sign. And while it's true you love to stand out, it's not because you like attention.

Bucket Hat

Pisces is the whimsical daydreamer of the zodiac, and your fashion sense tends to reflect that artistic side of your personality.