The Lipstick Shade You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries, command attention with a bold red lipstick that radiates your fierce and courageous nature. Step into your power and embrace high vibes.


Taurus, embrace your elegance with a classic blush pink lipstick that complements your tender and charming nature. It's your zodiac power color.


Gemini, embrace your ever-changing nature with a vibrant sheer lip gloss. Add a touch of sheen to your lips, reflecting your captivating words and keeping everyone hanging on.


Cancer, express your mysterious and enticing aura with a striking metallic silver lipstick. Pay homage to your planetary ruler and reveal there's more to you than meets the eye.


Leo, let your fun-loving personality shine with a glittery lipstick that marks your territory wherever you go. Embrace your passionate and dramatic nature with bright shades that match your mood


Virgo, embrace your polished elegance with a long-wear peach lip stain. Perfect for your organized and meticulous nature, it lasts all day without fuss.


Libra, indulge your beauty-loving nature with a regal gold lipstick. Embrace your inner bon vivant goddess with a sparkly shade that matches your bubbly personality.


Scorpio, exude your mysterious aura with a deep berry red lipstick. Make a statement with your sinfully delicious pout, capturing the intensity and power you crave.


Sagittarius, conquer the world with a versatile tinted lip balm. Stay fresh-faced and glowing on your adventures. Switch up hues for different occasions and enjoy the freedom of change.


Capricorn, invest in a matte taupe lipstick, blending boldness and beauty. Practical and versatile, it's a staple for any occasion.


Aquarius, embrace your fearless energy with a bold black lipstick. Make a fashion statement and add a modern twist with colored lip liner or an ombre finish. Let your unique personality shine through with this striking hue.


Pisces, embrace whimsical romance with a soft pastel purple lipstick. Add a dreamy touch to your makeup routine. Channel soft, romantic energy with a shade associated with luxury and royalty.