The Most Gorgeous New Year's Eve Makeup Looks for Every Zodiac Sign

Amp up your warrior spirit by adding shimmer into your New Year’s Eve vibe. This look will remind you of the trophies that you won for being the best at all you do — especially the gold eyeshadow.


Put on fluffy lashes, try over-lined nude lips, eyeliner, and a spritz on a statement-making perfume that expresses your desires. Then be sure to post your look on IG.


Don’t deny your desire to be seen on New Year's Eve! Wearing a bold shadow on your eyes will get you the vibe you’re totally longing for — and will ensure you are not dancing alone. You'll be the talk of the party.


You’ll be reminded of how the tender moon, who is your planetary ruler, illuminates its natural light on Earth and gives every living thing


your eyebrows will get you the recognition that you deserve at every party. Plus, you'll steal the show and be the center of attention — even on social media.


Your planetary ruler is Mercury, which means that the focus of your makeup should be your mouth


You’ll be able to rock this vibe as long as you serve this style with some attitude to activate and even out both sides of your scales.


As usual, all eyes will be on you when the ball drops at midnight due to your power pout that is ravishing with a lovely nude finish.


Choosing a vibrant and bright color in a unique shape around your eyes will give you the edgy and trendy look that will show the world you are no one to mess with.


"The Rachel" hair look vibes most with the sign Capricorn because they opt for a structured look that is functional in both the office and after hours at the bar.


the elemental energy that grants you the ability to zoom around town, converse with others in a soulful way, and have lots of fun


The eyes are the window to the soul, which is why people will be able to notice your transcendent and tender heart light up from a smoky eye this New Year’s Eve.