The Nail Art You Should Try for the Holidays, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

They will like to depict the funny side of the holidays with Grinch cartoons on their nails to embrace their humor, she says.


They live for extravagance, which is why they'll choose a manicure that is as extra as they are. "They'll go luxe all the way with bedazzlement and embellishment," says Stardust.


Nothing captures the duality of Geminis more than a two-toned manicure. To keep it festive, we recommend choosing holiday colors and adding a hint of shimmer.


This season is Cancer's favorite time to chill and relax at home so naturally, their manicure will offer the same cozy vibes.


Red nails seem like an obvious choice for the passionate and fiery lion sign. It's a classic look that will turn heads, giving Leos the attention they crave.


When it comes to choosing a holiday manicure, Stardust says they'll lean into a simple style, like a French manicure with a hint of sparkle  it's festive yet minimalistic, exactly how they like it.


Libras' outgoing and friendly personalities make them want to spread the holiday cheer IRL and through their manicure. Rainbow candy cane nail art is as inviting and warm as they are.


Dreaming of a goth Christmas, Scorpio? We aren't surprised. According to Stardust, you'll likely see this water sign sporting dark colors and edgy nail art.


Anything bold and daring will attract the eye of the archer, says Stardust. Think bright colors and designs that allow them to be noticed in a crowd.


Being that the holidays occur around their birthday, they will opt for glitz and glam to celebrate their solar return,"says Stardust. You can't go wrong with a full glitter set.


The dainty snow nail art is the sophisticated take that this air sign desires during the holidays.


Pisces' will choose a manicure that's cute and sweet just like them, says Stardust. Think penguins or snowmen. These sweet and tender nails are sure to get this water sign in the holiday spirit.