The Nail Polish Color You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Aries: Ruby Red

A sassy and colorful dash of ruby-red polish will let you indulge in your fun, playful demeanor. Plus, red is your power color, so you'll feel emboldened and confident no matter what.

Taurus: Classic French

Tauruses are loyal and reliable. You're a fan of the tried and true and like things that are classic and always in style.

Gemini: Rainbow

Why not try painting each finger a different color that reflects your fun-loving and social personality? This way, you'll never get bored.

Cancer: Opalescent Pearl

Sensitive and highly intuitive, you like things that make you feel comfortable and familiar. And as an emotional water sign, you also enjoy nostalgia.

Leo: Bright Orange

That's why we recommend selecting a shade of juicy orange the next time you hit the nail salon. These soft and sweet summer nails are sure to attract attention all year round.

Virgo: Blush Pink

Virgo knows how to make a minimalist style seem maximalist," says Atlas, "You like to show off without being too showy.

Libra: Lavender

Normally, you're drawn to classic shades of pink and red, but lavender is a nice twist on a romantic hue. Not only is this light purple shade associated with relaxation

Scorpio: Black Stiletto

Scorpios are most often drawn to intense, moody styles. With Pluto, the planet of darkness, ruling your zodiac sign, you're no stranger to walking on the darker side.

Sagittarius: Neon

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, you're not afraid to step outside your comfort zone. "The adventurer of the zodiac

Capricorn: Sage Green

An earthy sage green reflects your mature and reliable nature and won't require much upkeep. It might be more subtle than some colors,

Aquarius: Animal Print

If anyone can rock a set of loud and eye-catching nails, it's you, which is why an unexpected set of mix-and-match animal print nails is exactly what we'd recommend.