The Scent You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Spicy cinnamon and calming lilac scents are perfect for bold and energetic Aries, says astrologers. Energize or relax with these fragrances.


Taurus is one of the best-dressed zodiac signs and needs a sophisticated signature scent to match. Astrology experts say the earth sign should look for low-key natural fragrances.


The sign of the twins may want to invest in a lily of the valley scent. "This fragrance is cheerful and youthful, which mirrors some of the best and brightest qualities of the Gemini personality," says Loftis


The nurturing homebody of the zodiac puts a lot of emphasis on creating a peaceful home, which is why celebrity astrologer and lifestyle writer Lauren Ash recommends the scent of Palo Santo.


This sign, ruled by the sun, requires a light and cheery fragrance to match its fun and attention-grabbing personality. That's where citrus comes in.


This practical and sensible sign prefers simple fragrances that smell fresh and natural. "As a grounded and wholesome earth sign, Virgo people are drawn to the scent of pine," says Kovach.


Ruled by Venus, a planet that was named for the goddess of beauty and romance, Libras require romantic, feminine fragrances—and what's more romantic than rose


Determined, passionate, and loyal, a Scorpio's signature scent needs to be bold. Kovach recommends a jasmine perfume. "As a sign associated with power, wealth, mystery, and transformation


This free-thinking, impulsive sign should consider a niche scent like eucalyptus. "Sagittarius is a sign associated with philosophy, spirituality, and healing," says Kovach.


Capricorn's signature scent is single-note vanilla, reflecting their dependable and hard-working nature, says astrologer Anna Kovach.