The Swimwear Trend to Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Stardust suggests a sporty vibe for fiery Aries. They can't go wrong with vibrant, eye-catching neon solid or printed suits, adding a bold touch to their style.


For this sensual sign that values comfort as well as style, Stardust recommends a black bikini with supportive underwire.


Stardust thinks Geminis would likely be drawn to mix and match swim separates or a one-piece suit with distinctive color blocking.


That means it might be time to  try out vintage cuts like high-waisted bikini bottoms “in check, gingham, or any pattern with a bit of an old-fashioned feel.”


“Leos are dramatic,” she says of this sign, adding that “ambiance  is important to a Leo. So they would want an entire get-up.”


Virgos crave structure and would enjoy a geometric, shape-forward moment. “Virgos would like a classic bathing suit with cutouts on the sides,” Stardust says.


Stardust encourages Libras to bring their sweet tooth swimsuit shopping. “Libras love something sweet like a little bow in the center or knot detailing,” she shares.


While Stardust acknowledges that this sign always “goes full throttle” she suggests one simple trend for Scorpios: “red, the color of passion.”


This sign also isn’t afraid of color, from highlighter neon to vibrant print clashing.


She describes the perfect swimsuit for Capricorn as “a classic one-piece like a Speedo or a classic bikini in a solid color like navy or black, and a little bit more on the conservative side.”


“They’re the ones who would cut a rash guard top into a bikini with bikini bottoms on to match it,” she says.


Pisces love to match the vibe of the ocean, Stardust says. “They’ll really go for string bikini in a crochet fabric,” she adds.