The Taylor Swift Song You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Yellow Heart


"Tim McGraw" by Taylor Swift resonates with the sign's confidence and determination. A bold and fitting choice for this fierce zodiac.


"Enchanted" by Taylor Swift resonates with the sign's romantic and devoted nature. A beautiful song capturing the essence of a Taurus in love.


"You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift reflects the social and communicative nature of Geminis. A relatable, feel-good pop song for this outgoing sign.


"Maroon" by Taylor Swift resonates with the sign's nostalgia and wistfulness. The emotional lyrics capture the essence of a Cancer's longing for lost love.


"Fearless" by Taylor Swift reflects the attention-seeking nature and desire for love and vulnerability in Leos. A perfect anthem for these fearless personalities.


"Anti-Hero" by Taylor Swift captures the self-critical nature and insecurities of Virgos. A haunting anthem resonating with the introspective mindset of this sign.


"Love Story" by Taylor Swift resonates with the sign's deep craving for love and their romantic nature. A perfect anthem for Libras and their love for love stories.


"Betty" by Taylor Swift captures the Scorpio's fear of vulnerability and betrayal in a love triangle, seeking true love and validation.


"Lover" by Taylor Swift celebrates a deep, lasting love, resonating with the warm-hearted Sagittarius who thrives on being loved and embraces love's grand symphony.


In "The Man," Taylor Swift, like a determined Capricorn, boldly confronts societal sexism, yearning for equality and recognition. A fierce anthem that captures Capricorn's persistence and drive.


Taylor Swift resonates with Aquarius, unapologetic and loves deeply. Reflecting on past relationships, Aquarians ponder what could have been, embracing their unique perspective.


In the poignant "All Too Well," Taylor Swift's Pisces nature shines through as she navigates emotional turmoil, reminiscing over the past and finding strength amid heartbreak.