The U.S. City That Best Suits You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Yellow Heart


Trendy and adventurous. Austin, TX offers vibrant nightlife, access to nature, and a thriving art scene. Perfect for Aries' energetic and trendsetting nature.


Slow-paced and food-loving. Madison, WI offers comfort, indulgence, and affordability. Perfect for Taurus' appreciation of the good life.


Charming and adventurous. Savannah, GA offers eclectic food, art, and rich history. Perfect for Gemini's social and curious nature.


Homebody with a vibe. New Orleans, LA offers friendly people, comforting food, and nearby beaches. Perfect for Cancer's need for a welcoming atmosphere.


Bold and outgoing. NYC welcomes your over-the-top personality. A cultural hub full of creativity and endless opportunities.


Practical and efficient. Washington, D.C. offers orderly design, efficient public transit, and free museums. Perfect for Virgo's love of organization and curiosity.


Balanced and social. Chicago offers diverse experiences with food, sports, social events, and cozy charm. Perfect for Libra's desire for both excitement and comfort.


San Francisco offers haunted history, diverse cuisine, stunning coastlines, and unexpected surprises. Perfect for Scorpio's love of intrigue and exploration.


Adventurous and outspoken. Boston offers freedom of expression, exciting ideas, and a thriving beer scene. Perfect for Sagittarius' lively personality and love of exploration.


Ambitious and practical. St. Augustine offers rich history, beautiful architecture, and a slower pace. Perfect for Capricorn's desire for tradition and a calming environment.


Portland offers diverse culture, unique architecture, and natural beauty. Perfect for Aquarius' love of individuality and community involvement.


Romantic and nature-loving. Juneau offers natural beauty, a close-knit community, and proximity to the ocean. Perfect for Pisces' desire for tranquility and connection with nature.