The U.S. City You Should Have a Vacation Home In, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



Thrives on action and excitement. North Las Vegas offers a vibrant social scene, stunning views, and endless entertainment. Perfect for the pleasure-seeking Aries.


Sensible and grounded. Lake Anna, Virginia offers privacy, good food, and recreational activities. Perfect for Taurus' leisurely lifestyle.


Social butterfly, loves variety. Cape May, NJ offers small-town charm, water sports, historic sites. Perfect for Gemini's adventurous spirit.


Sentimental and homebody. Murrells Inlet, SC offers southern charm, seafood, and coastal beauty. Perfect for Cancer's relaxed and nostalgic nature.


Party-loving and caring. Gulf Shores, Alabama offers beaches, water sports, and family-friendly activities. Perfect for Leo's energetic and hospitable nature.


Saugatuck, MI offers nature reserves, shopping, riverboat cruises, and berry picking. Perfect for Virgo's relaxation and appreciation of the simple pleasures.


Easy-going and balanced. Galveston, TX offers beaches, historic districts, and a cruise port. Perfect for Libra's desire for harmony and diverse experiences.


Imaginative and fearless. Phoenix, AZ offers seclusion, desert adventures, and vibrant art scene. Perfect for Scorpio's intense and independent nature.


Adventurous and free-spirited. Asbury Park, NJ offers diverse culture, history, pinball museum, and live music scene. Perfect for Sagittarius' thirst for excitement and exploration.


Poconos, PA offers natural beauty, year-round activities, and secluded cabins. Perfect for Capricorn's desire to unplug and find tranquility in nature.


Rebellious and adventurous. Temecula Valley, CA offers unique experiences like wine tasting, equestrian camps, hot air ballooning, and exotic animal encounters.


Key West, FL offers sunny beaches, historic attractions, butterfly gardens, and nature parks. Perfect for Pisces' desire for relaxation and connection with nature.