These Are the Best Bags to Shop for Spring According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aries are always on the move, so they'll appreciate having a go-to tote that is able carry all of their necessities.


As long as it's convenient, featuring a top handle or crossbody options, the Bull will find a way to style this baby with all the spring outfits they have planned.


Geminis have the false reputation of being shady, which is why the mercurial sign might want a purse that's transparent and allows others to see within.


Cancer will be the sign that not only scores themselves a Telfar bag, but is able to snag several options, in different colorways, to wear all season long.


Not only will they turn heads each time they wear it out, but it will also help them to embrace their tempestuous and fiery nature.


This earth sign tends to steer clear of the frills and thrills of over-the-top, decadent purses, so a simple pouch in a neutral shade is the perfect choice for a Virgo.


A bag in a heart shape will help them express their innermost sentiments and passion for romance.


If Scorpio must add an accessory to their wardrobes this season, they should make it a satchel bag.


Complete with bright and vivacious colors, the archer will not only enjoy rocking this accessory for the spring and summer, but will continue breaking it out in the years ahead.


Although Capricorns are known for their sleek, business-ready attire, a straw clutch will allow them add a hint of spring to their everyday style.


Plus, this Zara pick will create a cool vintage vibe and add a splash of color to their ensemble.


Pisces are known to collect accessories and bags, so one that comes in a unique shape and color will surely spark their interest.