We'll Tell You the Exact Lipstick Your Zodiac Sign Should Wear for Valentine's Day

Capricorns will adorn their lips with this bold shade to subtly announce to their partner that they are theirs to love, honor, and cherish in the relationship.


Since Aquarius sees the world as a large community that they can be one with, they'll pick a bubblegum pink lipstick to wear in honor and tribute of their heart because it echoes the same sentiments.


A sparkly and lovely lipstick radiates the innate vibe of the mystical fish (giving off mermaid looks) and blows whimsical kisses at those they adore.


This is why the ram will romantically thrive when wearing this gold lipstick. After all, the ravenous kisses of an Aries are worth their weight in gold.


As the most sensual sign of the zodiac, Taurus likes wearing colors that look like their lips are tenderly bitten with a slight touch of hue and soft to the touch like a kitten.


Therefore, they need a lip gloss that has iridescent and glittery elements to make their pucker noticeable and glisten with the intention of getting more attention than ever.


Plus, it'll bring starry eyes to them and that special someone they will encounter when dancing in their element under the moonlight.


Leos are known to be all-consuming when it comes to love and romance, due to the fiery desire that lies within their big hearts.


they will rarely go overboard in the lip gloss that they choose to wear when out on a date or with the one they love. A hue that's chic and not overpowering reflects their kind nature.


Also, it will add balance and harmony to their romantic lives, bringing longevity, mutual appreciation, tenderness, and care to any partnership they choose to commit to.


This is why the scorpion opts for a dark red that resembles the color of red wine to show how romantic matters intoxicate their spirit and heart.


Also, purple will help Sag intuitively assess how to pucker up in ways that their partner really likes.