What Makes You Fall in Love, According to Your Zodiac Sign



Confident Aries seeks a partner with ambition and a strong voice. They enjoy being spoiled and want a partner who creates memorable experiences.


Taurus, while you may share Aries' ambition and stubbornness, you're definitely more relaxed and laid-back when it comes to love.


Friendly, charming, and endlessly curious— Gemini's have no trouble meeting new people wherever they go. However, settling down early isn't at the top of your priority list.


Nurturing Cancer seeks emotional security and a partner who is in touch with their feelings. A great listener who creates a safe space for vulnerability.


As the creative showstopper of the zodiac, you are used to turning heads. You're also ruled by the sun, which governs our ego energy and sense of self.


You're very practical in life, Virgo—and love is no exception to that rule. As the sign ruled by curious and intellectual Mercury, you have an eye for the details.


As the sign ruled by sensual Venus, partnerships come naturally to you. You always attract attention and you like to play the field and keep your options open.


Don't play coy, Scorpio. You're no stranger to the game of love. You know that relationships can get messy and that romance isn't for the faint of heart.


Nothing slows you down, Sagittarius. Your fiery energy can't be contained and although you love the passion and whirlwind of a relationship, you can't stand to be tied down.


As the sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, and routine, you like to do things by the book—including relationships.


While it's true you don't love conventional relationships, you've got a romantic streak, Aquarius. As a humanitarian of the zodiac, you like to feel connected to your community and the people around you.


As the sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, you love getting to know people on an intimate level and learning about their deepest desires.