What to Expect from the First Mercury Retrograde  Your Zodiac Sign

You might also get your fair share of blasts from the past in the form of DMs from old colleagues and friends.


The retrograde falls in your tenth house of career, requiring that you go back to the drawing board to brush up your approach for hitting big-picture professional goals.


you could feel stirred to hone your skillset, seeking mentorship or guidance from a trusted expert you've relied on in the past.


It could be time to shift some assets around or speak up about wanting to deepen your connection or commitment to a partner.


requiring you to take a magnifying glass to any issues that have been popping up when you're connecting with your nearest and dearest  one-on-one.


you're pretty much a pro at perfecting all of these self-care details on the regular. In fact, it's almost like your hobby, so have no fear.


You might also find you most enjoy V-Day date or activity that involves a throwback activity.


You might strive to make amends with a loved one you had a falling out with or perfect a home project.


travel headaches, and misunderstandings while attempting to check off all those daily to-dos. It could be a good op to practice mindfulness.


With the retrograde in your second house of income, you'll want to be extra eagle-eyed with your cash flow, and you could do well to revisit a money-making project that got left on the backburner.


The retrograde falling in your sign might sound intimidating, but it actually opens the door for you to perfect your personal brand.


the twelfth house of spirituality. You'll be nudged to tune into your intuition and imagination even more than usual, rest and recharge, and prioritize your mental health.