What to Wear On New Year's Eve, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Plus, it'll allow them to exert their energy on the dance floor while exuding awesomeness and having fun as they ring in the new year.


Many are already aware that the Bullish sign of Taurus is a fashionista who will want to dress to impress.


they should ignite their inner pixie and wear something poufy and voluminous that even Tinker Bell would be jealous over.


Something shiny and bright will let them sparkle through the night and be seen (something Cancers hide away from because they're shy) while celebrating with close friends.


Being the center of attention is the way the fierce lion always rolls, which is why it's a no-brainer for them to pick a bold, low-cut dress that's the opposite of demure, allowing them to cut loose on the holiday.


the earth sign will be inexplicably drawn to an elevated, elegant, off-the-shoulder gown, which is fancy enough for NYE as well as future dressed-up occasions after the night is through.


It'll help them celebrate this fresh start, and pair perfectly with champagne wishes and caviar dreams (both of which will likely in their hands when the ball drops).


Whether they go with cutouts, sheer details, or a high slit, it won't hurt for them to opt for a wow moment that will make everyone blush in the presence of their greatness.


eing the life of the party means that Sagittarius will have to wear an outfit that gives them the freedom to cut a rug, socialize with friends, and top off everyone's champagne flutes with a dash of the bubbly.


They'll adore wearing a dress with playful, eye-catching details, which won't hold them back from evolving  only elevating


might just choose to keep it classic for the holidays and wear a jumpsuit that's not just chic, but a versatile and lovely addition to their wardrobe.


Pisces are known to be the mystical fishies of the zodiac, which means they'll benefit from wearing a dress that radiates and transcends other worldly vibes.