What's Your Soup Sign? Your Perfect Fall Soup Based on the Zodiac



You’re highly individualistic and one-of-a-kind, which is why if you were a can of soup, you would be an innovative can of Chickarina™ chicken with meatballs. Slurp up!


Pisces love imagination and cozy activities. Pairing them with creamy chicken noodle soup is perfect!


We thought it would be fitting to imagine your soup-soulmate as a big, red bowl of creamy tomato. There’s fiery roasted red pepper in there, too, because we know you’re always craving more.


Your soup partner is a warm, rich bowl of cheesy tortellini pasta bathing in a creamy garden vegetable tomato soup; it’s decadent enough to satisfy even this Venus-ruled sign!


 Geminis are always moving rapidly from one activity to another and need all the energy boosts they can get to keep up with their busy lifestyle.


 You know what else is closely related to crabs? Clams! And because Cancers love to surround themselves with all things cozy, this creamy clam chowder is their perfect soup pairing.


Leo is a true star, which is why your better (soup) half is a can of classic chicken noodle with a hearty and new makeover.


A Virgo’s mind is always working. On the surface you look warm and calm, like a dumpling floating lazily along in a bowl of soup. But underneath that dumpling there’s so much more at work.


You love all things beautiful and rich just as much as you love balance and serenity, and since your birthday falls in the colder months, this comfy soup is your ideal soulmate.


Sure, your soup pick is black just like your heart, but it’s also a powerhouse of flavor, just like you’re a dynamo of inspiration.


We’ll be blunt with you, because we know you live your life as your most honest self: your soup-er pairing is a robust bowl of lasagna-style soup with chunks of Italian sausage to match your super-sized, happy


 Everyone else may be gravitating towards chicken with noodles, but you’re willing to try chicken with rice instead. And guess what? Your flexibility will pay off in delicious reward.