Your City Has A Zodiac Sign

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Boston, Massachusetts Virgo

Boston: Virgo's logic, Scorpio's mystery, and Mars' ambition. Law schools like Harvard shape society. Fight for change in the 11th house.

Cairo, Egypt Leo

Ancient Cairo, timeless and mesmerizing. Leo's wealth and luxury, Saturn in Taurus treasures. Cairo's destiny unfolds with the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Dubai, UAE Sagittarius

Dubai: Sagittarius' adventure, Neptune's fantasy, Jupiter's extravagance. A sparkling jewel of wealth, luxury, and desert allure.

Honolulu, Hawaii Taurus

Taurus' natural beauty and earthly pleasure. Pre/post-colonial wounds in Sagittarius. Salt water, plumeria, and the impact of imperialism.

Las Vegas, Nevada Taurus

Las Vegas: Taurus' money, pleasure, and luxury. Flamboyant Leo rising. Dark side with Mars in retrograde Scorpio. Primal allure, caution advised.

London, United Kingdom Capricorn

London: Capricorn's authority, traditions, and leadership. Libra rising, Venus in Aquarius. Clever, diverse, rebellious. Rock n' roll spirit.

Los Angeles, California Virgo

Los Angeles: Virgo's health, self-care, routine. Libra rising, Venus in Libra luxury and allure. Hollywood's glamour, beauty standard, cinematic influence.

Miami, Florida Leo

Miami: Leo's pleasure, creativity, self-expression. Libra rising, Venus in Leo. Colorful, vibrant, flirtatious. Swimsuit capital, rumbling club scene.

Rome, Italy Aquarius

Rome: Aquarian togetherness, Gemini rising. Intellectual, curious, philosophical. Mercury in Pisces, religious experiences, Vatican authority.

Paris, France Libra

Paris: Libra's beauty, romance, fashion. Dreamy Pisces rising. Escape into fantasy and magic. Art, music, storytelling allure.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Pisces

Rio de Janeiro: Pisces' enchantment, partying. Moon in Libra charm. Carnival's colorful feathers and captivating dance.

Stockholm, Sweden Sagittarius

Stockholm: Sagittarius' voyages, Skansen's exploration. Leo moon, home and family focus. Swedish history, cozy living spaces, minimalist design.