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2022 brings reflection on career and relationships. Retrogrades impact networking, communication, partnerships, and career. Embrace change and growth.


Meanwhile, this year's Mercury retrogrades will have you reflecting on what you want out of your professional path.


first through your adventure zone, then through your sign, through your self-expression zone, and finally, your intimacy zone.


Anyone who goes deep into their astrological studies will notice patterns and mirroring themes tend to abound, and that's absolutely the case for you this year


Although messenger Mercury's first retrograde of the year falls in your partnership house, highlighting this theme, wake-up calls could be tied to the eclipses


our ruler, messenger Mercury, will be retrograde not just three but four times this year, providing you with plenty of chances to slow down


As the year kicks off, you could be feeling more rundown than fired-up and ready to take 2022 by the horns, thanks to your ruler, social Venus


hether that looks like checking out couples therapy with your S.O. or going deep in your own self-work in order to be more emotionally available with potential partners.


Start of the year brings focus on work and finances. Venus retrograde in money zone till Jan 29. Mercury retrograde in communication zone till Feb 3. Refresh ideas, redefine earning strategies, seek recognition.


you could feel like the lessons on tap are more of the same, but this year is actually more about refining your game plan and connecting with others, Cap.


Once you have a grip on all of that, you can channel your most innovative ideas into income, thanks to lucky Jupiter hanging out in your money sector for most of the year.


At the same time, because we'll have four Mercury retrogrades this year  most of which affect your inner life  you'll want to make a point to lean on your strongest support systems.