Your July Horoscope Is Here   It's All About Change, Change, And More Change



Working with a team isn't always easy for you to do — we know you like to take the lead on all projects.


You to break free from the situations and people that are holding you back, and you can as long as you remember that this will require you to move forward without looking back.


Life is constantly busy, and you need a break. Self-care is extremely important right now, which is why you need to put yourself first by scheduling “you” time


You may feel some personal insecurities and jealousies right now, but those will ultimately bring challenges your way.


The scope of your career may be in flux as things are changing, and you're probably feeling lost in the shuffle.


Truth be told, you were the last one to hear the recent news that’s permeating your squad — but that doesn’t mean it was intentional or malicious.


You’re longing for some down time to spend with the people you love. Don’t be afraid to slow down, by taking each and every day one at a time.


Feeling stuck? It could be that you're staying in one place for too long! It’s time to spread your wings and to see the world instead.


Rather than make impulsive decisions for yourself and others — something you struggle with, Sag — try to tap into your inner wisdom and higher self.


Although you like to stick to the script when it comes to relationships, using your tried and true methodologies, you're finding that you might need a new way of communicating with others.


Be open to the new sentiments that are coming your way, and lean into growth by taking baby steps in your transformation


You tend to take calculated risks instead of diving into situations head first. However, a major opportunity is coming your way that will require you to be fully in and to take a leap of faith.