Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Makeup Look

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"Aries: Fresh face lover. Sunscreen, lip balm, laminated brows. Simple routine for active lifestyle. Skincare-centric with makeup-skin care hybrids."


"Taurus: No-makeup makeup pro. Effortlessly natural look with lengthening mascara, subtle lip, highlight, and blush. Regular eyelash fills for wide awake eyes."


"Gemini: Versatile and adventurous with makeup. Embraces various looks and moods. No perfect makeup look, loves to experiment."


"Cancer: '90s-style neutral lip fan. Mauve gloss, brown liner, or taupe lipstick. Hypo-allergenic formulas preferred. Sensitive souls."


"Leo: Craves full-on glamour. Sparkle, gold tones, bold lip, bold eye. Turns heads with confidence. Can opt for simplicity if not in the mood."


"Virgo: Classic makeup aficionado. Flawless skin, perfect eyeliner, expertly arched brows. Statement lip. Master of over-lining lips, fanned-out lashes."


"Libra: Classic with a touch of trend. Stick to high school makeup, but open to '60s cat eye, Euphoria glitter, or a red lip. Embraces femininity."


"Scorpio: Mysterious allure. Smoky eyeshadows are a go-to. Smoldering eyes with liner. Subtle blush, lip, and brows. Embraces the 'soft goth' trend."


"Sagittarius: Bold and glamorous. Contoured cheek, statement brow, bright red lip. Embraces the bold glamour look. TikTok filter vibes in real life."


"Capricorn: Business-minded beauty. Simple black eyeliner, soft lip. Classy and low-maintenance. Values prep work, facials, expert hair removal."


"Aquarius: Embraces quirky trends. Bleached eyebrows, TikTok makeup trends. Open to new makeup technology. Magnetic lashes, pH balanced lip color? Count me in!"


"Pisces: Romantic and dreamy. Pastel lover with soft makeup, shimmer, and long lashes. Dabbles in daring looks at home. Nails the mermaidcore vibe."