Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Way To Strength-Train

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Aries are cardinal signs who love fast-paced workouts that allow them to release steam. Boxing is a great option for Aries because it's challenging and satisfying.


Taurus are drawn to solid, rewarding routines like weight lifting. A trainer can help you learn proper form and stay on track.


Gemini are drawn to variety and novelty in strength training. Quirky group fitness classes and water aerobics are a great fit.


Cancers are driven by emotional needs, so one-on-one strength training like Pilates is a good fit. Private sessions allow you to focus on your body and enjoy your workout.


Leos are brave and courageous, so they'd love indoor rock climbing or a strength-focused boot camp class. They thrive in a pump-up, cheer-each-other-on environment.


Virgos are holistically minded and do best with yoga or Pilates. Slow, mindful movements help Virgos relax and build strength.


Libras are social creatures who thrive in friendly atmospheres. Barre classes are a great way for Libras to connect with others and build strength in a fun, graceful way.


Scorpios are drawn to tactical, mysterious energy. MMA, boxing, or kickboxing are a great way for Scorpios to build strength and burn off energy.


Sagittarians are drawn to unconventional strength training activities like pole dancing. The social aspect of pole dancing classes will also keep you motivated.


Capricorns are drawn to straightforward strength training workouts like kettlebell exercises. They are disciplined and take their workouts seriously.


Aquarians are drawn to innovative strength training workouts like VR and fitness apps. They are disciplined and like to work out on their own.


Pisces are drawn to gentle strength training like ballet. They love to dance and tap into their poetic side while building leg muscles and posture.