Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Workout

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Boxing or kickboxing workouts suit Aries, helping them release passion and aggression in a healthy way while keeping up with their fiery nature.


Tauruses should try barre, a gentle ballet-inspired workout that can be done at home. It helps you feel grounded and express your natural grace.


Geminis should try aerobics classes, which are high-energy and social. They'll get your heart rate up and help stretch your lung capacity.


Cancers should try elliptical machines, which are graceful and flowing. They can match their speed to their energy level.


Leos should try cardio workouts, which will invigorate their heart and circulation. They can shimmy to the front of the room to be in the spotlight.


Virgos should try vinyasa yoga, which is supportive, grounded, and structured. It can calm a busy mind and has a spiritual component.


Libras should try dance classes, walkathons, or roller skating. They like fun music, inspiring atmosphere, and aesthetics.


Scorpios should try rock climbing, a challenging workout that encourages strength and independence. It's mentally stimulating and rewarding.


Sagittarians should go for a run in nature. It's an adventurous and grounding workout that feels like a mini vacation.


Capricorns should try qigong, a slow and grounded practice that connects them to their body and the earth. It's a great way to slow down and relax.


Aquarians should try VR workouts, which are techy and immersive. They can box on Mt. Everest or work out in another country.


Pisces should try water-based workouts, such as water aerobics, aquatic dance classes, or swimming. They'll love being in or near a body of water.