Zodiac Grooves: Gaga's Cosmic Hits

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Aries: Marry The Night

Aries anthem: "Marry the Night" - Gaga's fierce synth-pop banger about never giving up, embracing your warrior spirit, and living passionately.

Taurus: Artpop

Venusian vibes: "ARTPOP" - Gaga's seductive anthem capturing your allure, artistry, and love for indulging in sensual pleasures.

Gemini: Telephone

Mercury mischief: "Telephone" - Gaga's iconic collaboration with Beyoncé, capturing your playful and elusive nature. A VMA-winning hit!

Cancer: Hold My Hand

Lunar embrace: "Hold My Hand" - Gaga's heartfelt anthem emphasizing empathy, love, and the need for self-empowerment. Oscars and emotional resonance included.

Leo: Applause

Regal showtime: "Applause" - Gaga's electrifying anthem celebrating the Leo's love for attention, applause, and artistic prowess. It's a standout hit!

Virgo: Bloody Mary

Divine devotion: "Mary Jane Holland" - Gaga's provocative anthem exploring the Virgo's righteous and artistic nature, with a touch of religious symbolism.

Libra: Electric Chapel

Electrifying allure: "Electric Chapel" - Gaga's glam-metal anthem capturing your Venusian charms and irresistible nature. Safe place for stolen hearts!

Scorpio: Teeth

Sultry intensity: "Teeth" - Gaga's daring anthem resonating with your Scorpio intensity, inviting raw passion and a captivating dance of dominance and submission.

Sagittarius: Gypsy

Wanderlust anthem: "The Edge of Glory" - Gaga's Jupiter-inspired ode to seizing the moment, embracing freedom, and embarking on adventurous journeys.

Capricorn: Donatella

Glamour boss: "Donatella" - Gaga's ode to fashion and ambition, embracing the upper-class lifestyle. A statement of being at the peak of success.

Aquarius: Plastic Doll

Unconventional beats: "Plastic Doll" - Gaga's pop-disco anthem embracing uniqueness and the alienation of stardom. Uranus-inspired eccentricity at its finest.

Pisces: Alice

Fantasy seeker: "Alice" - Gaga's Neptune-infused dance track capturing the longing for escapism and the search for wonderland. Piscean dreams unveiled.