Zodiac-inspired Beatles tracks: Astrology meets music in a celestial voyage

Multiple Blue Rings


I Saw Her Standing There. This song is about a sudden and passionate attraction, which is something that Aries is known for


Here Comes the Sun. This song is about finding peace and tranquility, which are things that Taurus values


Strawberry Fields Forever. This song is about the beauty of imagination and dreams, which are things that Geminis are drawn to


"This song taps into the sensitive side of Cancers, evoking feelings of loss and nostalgia that resonate deeply with their emotional nature."


Leos resonate with 'Get Back,' as it embodies their confident and determined nature. The song aligns with their bold and charismatic persona


Virgos relate to 'Eleanor Rigby,' as it reflects their occasional feelings of loneliness and isolation. The song captures their introspective nature.


"'Something' resonates with Libras as it encapsulates their pursuit of love and harmony. The song reflects their desire for balanced and harmonious relationships."


Scorpios connect with 'Blackbird,' embodying their familiarity with pain and resilience. The song captures their transformative and determined spirit.


Hey Jude' resonates with Sagittarians, symbolizing their perpetual search for hope and optimism. The song reflects their adventurous and positive outlook.


A Day in the Life. This song is about the passage of time and the importance of living in the present moment, which are things that Capricorns are mindful of.


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. This song is about creativity and imagination, which are things that Aquarians are known for


In My Life. This song is about love, loss, and the passage of time, which are all things that Pisces are deeply connected to.