Zodiac Tunes: Taylor Swift's Songs

Lined Circle
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"Aries: passionate, fiery, impulsive. No remorse, fully invested. TikTok creator sees 'I Did Something Bad' as reflection of their hotheaded, no regrets energy."


"Tauruses: consistent, authentic. Choose love, not fights. 'You Need To Calm Down' reflects their chill vibe with everyone."


"Geminis: social, open, spontaneous. Amazing nights, forgettable. 'New Romantics' - scarlet letters, switching sides like a record changer."


Cancers: sensitive, fierce. 'Look What You Made Me Do' embodies their push-back mentality when wronged, challenging the cry-baby stereotype.


Leos: the stars, the sunlight. "Bejeweled" captures their love for attention and shining bright. They polish up real nice!


Virgos: calculated, organized, meticulous. "Mastermind" reflects their pre-planned, flawless execution. Earth sign architects, building life with precision and certainty.


Libras: flirty, aesthetic, balance-keepers. "Gorgeous" defines them well - attracting and getting what they want while looking great. Don't let them stumble home alone!


Scorpios: dark, sensual, mysterious. "Karma" resonates with their focus on clean streets and retribution. Unconcerned about consequences, but you should be.


Sagittarians: optimistic, adventurous, impulsive. "State of Grace (Taylor's Version)" captures their essence. The drums and storyline embody this twin fire sign. Play love right.


hardworking, ambitious. "Mean" resonates with their determination to succeed. They'll rise in the city while doubters stay mean. Bet on them to conquer the world with their dedication.


fearless, free, independent. "Fearless" resonates with their willingness to embrace everything. They live in spite of fear, ready to take risks and put themselves out there.


Pisces: dreamy, spiritual, intuitive. "All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version)" is their break-up anthem. Sensitive sign prone to reminiscing, even if it hurts.